Thank you
Dear contributors,

At Yahoo, we’re focused on making your daily habits more inspiring and entertaining. That means we’re constantly reviewing our products and experiences and, in some cases, we have to make tough decisions to no longer support a product. As part of our ongoing effort to sharpen our focus, will be shut down; on 15th August 2014, we will make the final Performance Payment before closes by the end of August.  Unless Yahoo contacts you to discuss alternative arrangements, all content written by you and published through Yahoo Contributor Network will be removed from the Web.  Rights to all your Yahoo Contributor Network content will revert to you.

We know you have a lot of questions. Please refer to this FAQ (LINK) for details.

It has been such an enormous, incredible privilege to share your talents with the world over these past years. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Yahoo Contributor Network UK Team Read more »
Attention: PayPal payments will now be delivered twice a month

Starting this month, Yahoo Contributor Network UK's payment schedule via PayPal will change to twice a month. Payments will no longer be sent on the 15th and will instead be made around the 10th and 25th of each month (a payment calendar will be posted soon).

Since Yahoo UK offices will be closed during the winter holidays, the payment schedule will be a little off in December. Your first payment has already been sent, and your second payment will be delivered on 17th December. After that there will be no payment until January 2014.

If you have any questions or concerns, please message us through our Contact Us page .

Happy Christmas,

Ashley Grantham


Update 13/12/2013:

Apologies if you have received an early payment on 13th December rather than 17th December.

Starting in January, payments shall be made according to the chart below:

January 2014   -   - 02nd - 24th
February 2014 -   - 10th - 21st
March 2014     -   - 10th - 24th
April 2014  -    -   - 10th - 24th
May 2014   -    -   - 09th - 23rd
June 2014  -    -   - 10th - 24th
July 2014   -    -   - 10th - 25th
August 2014    -   - 08th - 25th
September 2014  - 10th - 24th
October 201     -  - 10th - 24th
November 2014   - 10th - 21st
December 2014   - 01st – 12th

If you have any questions, please message us through the Contact Us page. Read more »
SEO checklist for writers
1. Title includes striking keywords
2. Make your result look attractive
3. Add meaning to your content
4. Pay attention to images
5. Create links Read more »
The Queen and I
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration is here, and YCN contributor’s from across England shared with us their personal stories of Her Majesty and the Royal Family.

See their content on the Yahoo News UK & Ireland Diamond Jubilee page. Read more »
Your site questions answered
Hope you’re enjoying Yahoo Contributor Network UK.

A couple of questions have popped up recently that I hope to address in this blog post.

1.When should I get paid?

Upfront Payments plus Performance Payments should all be paid once a month, around the 15th . If you have not been paid by the 17th , please double check that your PayPal account is verified. If so, then please contact us at Read more »
Message from Luke Beatty - founder of Yahoo Contributor Network
I'd like to welcome Yahoo UK to the Yahoo Contributor Network family. We are elated that you have joined us in our mission to bring Yahoo users' voice to the pages of Yahoo in the United Kingdom. Fortunately for you all, we have been building and adding functionality to the platform for the last 8 years in the US, so you will be using a well-tested product.

Our challenge to you is to simply give it a shot and apply. Like many other platforms on the web like Twitter, eBay or Facebook, the first step is the only real jump. Yahoo Contributor Network is for you -- precisely you. We welcome the participation of every Yahoo user – from experts, bloggers, journalists, students to every other user under the sun. Now is the time to apply to have your voice brought to the pages of Yahoo Lifestyle, Yahoo Movies, omg! and Yahoo Tech News. We will add other channels as the program evolves. Read more »
Writing your first article on Yahoo Contributor Network UK
Yahoo Contributor Network gives established writers and novice alike a place to showcase their work in addition to providing a professional freelance writer with a reliable, paying client. If you are new to the network and need a little bit of help, follow this quick tutorial for navigating the site and writing commissioned assignments.

Step 1: Find the right topics for you

To help contributors find topics of interest we’ve deployed the Assignment Desk which can be found on your Account page and Content page. This tool is easy to use and is filled with writing opportunities based on your interests and expertise. For tips on using the Assignment Desk, please read our tutorial “Assignment Desk guide: find a topic, claim an assignment and submit today!”... Read more »
Assignment Desk guide: find a topic, claim an assignment and submit today
On Yahoo Contributor Network we encourage you to write about what you know for publication on leading Yahoo UK sites like Yahoo Lifestyle (Parenting, Beauty and Fashion), Yahoo Movies, omg! and Yahoo News (Technology). As a way for our editors to communicate assignment ideas to you, we've installed the Assignment Desk to give you the freedom to write on topics that you are inspired by.

How do I find my assignments?

Log into your Yahoo Contributor Network account. The Assignment Desk is located on the left-hand portion of your screen under the Account tab. Click Available to view assignments that have been specifically targeted to you based on information you have provided us in your CV and on your profile page... Read more »
Welcome to Yahoo Contributor Network UK
Yahoo Contributor Network is moving overseas and launching in the UK early this year! Apply now to become a contributor.

What's Yahoo Contributor Network UK?

Yahoo Contributor Network is a place where you (a UK resident) can submit articles on the topics that interest you the most. Do you have advice for parents with teething babies? Are you a celeb fanatic? Do the newest gadgets rule your life? Then Yahoo Contributor Network is the right place for you! Share your personal knowledge by submitting your gadget reviews on Yahoo News, celebrity commentary on omg!, independent film reviews on Yahoo Movies, and parenting tips, fashion advice and beauty insights on Yahoo Lifestyle... Read more »
Welcome to the official Yahoo Contributor Network blog! Check back often for the latest news, updates and tutorials.