This document provides an overview of the Yahoo Contributor Network experience, including the processes of signing up, submitting content, making money, managing your account and partnering with us. If you don't see the answer to your question, you can contact us here.

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Yahoo Contributor Network UK closure

Using Yahoo Contributor Network

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Yahoo Contributor Network UK closure

What will happen to
The site will come down completely by the end of August; anyone going to this web address and any associated URLs will be redirected to For articles that are staying up on Yahoo UK, in-text links will be removed by 29th August 2014.

Can I still publish articles?
Unless Yahoo has notified you differently, Yahoo Contributor Network UK will no longer be accepting pitches starting 3rd July 2014. If you have a beat assignment, it will allow you to publish through the platform until 24th July 2014.

How do I acquire my Yahoo Contributor Network UK articles?
You can download your articles by going to the Content tab, clicking a headline and hitting the "Download" button that appears in the descriptive overlay to the right.

When will I receive my last Performance Payment?
Unless Yahoo has notified you differently, you will receive your last Performance Payment in mid August for page views through 31st July 2014. You must confirm your payment by 14th August 2014 at 8:00pm.

What happens to my content after the site is shut down?
Unless Yahoo contacts you to discuss alternative arrangements, all content written by you and published through Yahoo Contributor Network UK will be removed from the Web. Then beginning 31st July 2014 at 8:00pm, rights to all your Yahoo Contributor Network UK content will revert to you and you may republish your content wherever you wish.

What if I want to keep writing for Yahoo?
You are encouraged to publish via Tumblr, though please realise the Yahoo Contributor Network UK publishing and payment platform is not being replaced within the company.

What if I don’t have a chance to confirm my payments before 1st August 2014?
Any payments that you do not confirm before 14th August 2014 at 8:00pm will be forfeited.

How can I save my performance, payment and other data, such as the information contained within the Content menu and Payments tab?
As always, this information can be saved to your system by scrolling down to the bottom of those respective tabs and clicking on the Excel or CSV links. This needs to be completed by 14th August 2014 at 8:00pm.

How can I use my work history at Yahoo Contributor Network UK as a reference for future work?
As a freelancer, you will need to keep your own accurate records for your portfolio. You may state you published at Yahoo Contributor Network UK as a freelancer, just as you normally would. However, for some articles there may no longer be links to reference. As such, it is advised that you collect all of the information you need prior to 1st August 2014. It is Yahoo’s policy that we cannot provide personal references for future work but we can confirm the amount of articles you published on a particular Yahoo property. If you would like a confirmation letter, please email us at before 31st September 2014.

When will I get paid?
Payments will be made on July 10th, July 25th and August 15th.

Using Yahoo Contributor Network

What is Yahoo Contributor Network?
Yahoo Contributor Network is a platform that allows you to share your voice and expertise with Yahoo's online audience of more than 600 million monthly online visitors. Once you register as a contributor, you can claim assignments and submit articles to publish on sites such as Yahoo Lifestyle, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo News and omg!. Better still, you will have the chance to earn money every time you publish, and your earnings are practically limitless with Yahoo Contributor Network.

Are there fees to join Yahoo Contributor Network?
There are no fees to join Yahoo Contributor Network. In fact, we pay you when you create valuable content! The sign-up process is easy, and you can start submitting content immediately. To learn about earning money through Yahoo Contributor Network, click here.

How do I sign up?
Click here to create a new account using your Yahoo, Facebook or Google ID. If you don't already have a Yahoo ID, you can create a new one in minutes. Before finalising your Yahoo Contributor Network account, you will also be asked to create a pen name and list some of your interests. These details will be included on your contributor profile.

Can I have more than one account?
No. Details are in our Master License Agreement, but the short answer is that an individual can only have one account with Yahoo Contributor Network. Opening more than one account may result in the termination of any or all account(s).

Why does Yahoo Contributor Network ask for my address and other personal information?
We collect some basic information in order to target you with specific opportunities that will match your interests, expertise and location. The more information you provide in your profile, the more relevant the opportunities will be.

Your email address(es), date of birth, country of citizenship, street address and postcode will not be displayed to the public or shared with others. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

I can’t log in. What should I do?
Make sure that you are using the Yahoo ID that is connected to your Yahoo Contributor Network profile. If you have forgotten your password, click here to retrieve it. If you still cannot log in or you are not sure which Yahoo ID is connected to your account, please contact us. Please ensure that you include information that will help us identify your account, such your pen name or primary email address.

How can I close my account?
To close your account, please contact us. Note that any content that is online when your account is closed may remain online indefinitely. You can manually remove any Display-Only content before closing your account. If you would like to disassociate your name from the content that remains online, please change your pen name by editing your profile.

Earning Money

How can I make money through Yahoo Contributor Network and how much can I earn?
There are three ways to make money on Yahoo Contributor Network.

1. Upfront Payments are usually £15-20 but can be higher. These are either a onetime set amount stated in the assignment details or a onetime offer made to you after your submission is reviewed. All Upfront Payments will accrue Performance Payments for the life of the article.
2. Up-front Performance Payments are usually £15-20 but can be higher. These are onetime payment offers set against future traffic performance of your articles.
3. Most articles will receive Performance Payments in addition to onetime offers, which pay .70GBP for every 1,000 page views.

For more details on all of these forms of payment, please visit our Earning money section.

Who is eligible to be paid?
You must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the UK, and are not a person barred from receiving the YCN Services under the laws of the United Kingdom or other applicable jurisdiction. You must also have a Yahoo Contributor Network account in good standing as per our Terms of Service and Master License Agreement in order to be eligible for payment.

If I join Yahoo Contributor Network and submit content, am I guaranteed to make money?
No. Payment depends on various factors including the quality of your content, its compliance with our Submission Guidelines, the performance of your content, and whether or not the article is eligible for Upfront Payments, Up-front Performance Payments or Performance Payments. To read more about factors that contribute to your potential to make money, see our Earning money page as well as our detailed Payment policy.

I don’t pay UK taxes. Can I still earn money on Yahoo Contributor Network?
No. For the time being you must be a UK resident subject to UK taxes to receive payments.

How and when are payments sent?
We pay our contributors exclusively via PayPal. If you don't already have a free personal PayPal account, sign up at Within three business days of your first acceptance of an offer, we will send you an email asking you to confirm your PayPal email address. You will be eligible to receive payments via PayPal within two business days of this confirmation.

You can also set your Yahoo Contributor Network account to confirm your PayPal email address automatically after each offer is accepted by clicking on "Auto-Confirm My Payments" from the Payments page of your account. You can always manually confirm your PayPal email address - even before receiving our confirmation email - by clicking on "Confirm Existing Payments."

Typically, all payments are sent twice a month around the 10th and 25th. The only month where this may differ is December when payments will be sent around the 1st and 15th due to holiday office closures. If a payment is confirmed too late to be included with a particular month's payments, it will be sent on the following month's payment date. Performance Payments are processed twice a month to accounts that have a positive aggregate Performance Payment balance.

Why should I set my account to auto-confirm my PayPal email address?
After verifying your account, you will be asked to confirm your PayPal email address. You have 90 days from the time the payment enters your payment queue to verify your account and confirm your PayPal address. Payments left unconfirmed will expire after 90 days. If you choose the auto-confirm option, your PayPal email address will be confirmed as soon as the payment is put into your Payment queue, and you will not be asked to confirm this address manually each time a new payment is added. Your payments will then be automatically transferred within two business days. We suggest that you successfully receive one payment before turning on this feature.

What is the Performance Payments program?
Performance Payments are payments based on how many people view your content, meaning you can earn unlimited cash from your text submissions on participating Yahoo sites long after they have been published. You will earn the fixed amount of .70GBP for each thousand page views your content generates (PPM™ rate). For more information, please visit our Earning money page.

What is an Upfront Payment?
An Upfront Payment is a set amount paid for your content. This amount maybe stated in the assignment details or offered to you By Review before your content is published. All Upfront Payments earned are in addition to any Performance Payments your content may be eligible for. Click here to learn more about submitting content for Upfront Payment.

My content has been published. Why haven’t I been paid?
If you are expecting payment from Yahoo Contributor Network and have not been paid, this is probably because:

  • You have not verified your account or confirmed your PayPal email address. Please confirm your PayPal email address manually by clicking on "Confirm All Payments" from the Payment page in your Yahoo Contributor Network account. If you have not verified your account yet, you can do that by clicking here. All payments expire after 90 days if you do not verify your account and provide us with a confirmed and accurate PayPal email address.
  • Your payments have been frozen because we have flagged your account for a possible Terms of Service violation. If your account has been flagged for a Terms of Service violation, please contact us with any questions. Please note that you will not be paid for any content that contains infringing material, and if we discover such infringement, your account may be terminated with immediate effect.
  • Your content has not received enough page views to trigger a payment or is not otherwise eligible for payment.
  • You have not logged into Yahoo Contributor Network for 90 days or more. In order for your account - and payments - to remain active, you must log in at least once every 90 days.
If you have not received payment and have ruled out all of these possibilities, please contact us.

I had an Upfront Payment offer on my content, but it’s not there anymore. What has happened?
In order to receive payments from Yahoo Contributor Network, you must have a verified account. If you have still not verified your account within 90 days of receiving an Upfront Payment offer, the offer will be revoked and the content licence on the affected piece(s) will be changed to Display-Only. You can check the status of all of your payments here.

My Performance Payments balance was reduced. Why haven’t I been paid?
If you have at least £1.50 in your aggregate Performance Payments balance at the end of the month, you will receive payment. Payments are not immediately sent, however. When your Performance Payments balance updates on your Account page, your payment(s) will show as "pending." If the payment is confirmed by you manually or automatically, it will soon change to "paid" and will appear in your PayPal account within 24 hours. Click here to verify your account now.

On my Payments page, what does unpaid/confirmed and unpaid/unconfirmed mean?
If your payment has a status of unpaid/confirmed, you have confirmed your PayPal email address and your payment will be sent within two business days. If the status is unpaid/unconfirmed, you still need to confirm your PayPal email address before your payment will be sent. Simply verify that the email address listed on the Payment page is accurate and click on the "Confirm Existing Payments" button. You can change your PayPal email address from that same page.

How can I see how much money I have been paid?
Click on the Payments section of your Account page to see your payment history. Alternatively, you can see an overview of your payment history from the quick stats on your Account dashboard.

Will I receive tax information from Yahoo Contributor Network at the end of the year, and do I need to pay any tax on the payments I receive from Yahoo Contributor Network?
We do not provide you with tax information. You are engaged as an independent contractor and, therefore, you are responsible for calculating and paying all taxes and national insurance contributions due in respect of the payments you receive from Yahoo Contributor Network. Please visit the HMRC website ( for further information on the taxes that you may be required to pay and the Self Assessment process

What are Up-Front Performance Payments?
Up-Front Performance Payments allows Yahoo Contributor Network to offer you an upfront amount to be paid to you at the time your content is accepted for publication. That payment is set against future traffic performance of your content. Think of it as an advance on future page views to your content. We will track the page views for all your content, and when the amount of PPMs earned by all your content exceeds the total amount we have paid you in Up-Front Performance Payments, your content will start earning Performance Payments. For more information, visit our Earning money section.

Submitting Content

What types of content are forbidden?
Yahoo Contributor Network does not accept adult content, advertisements, classifieds or content that is offensive, defamatory or otherwise in violation of our Terms of Service. See our Submission Guidelines for more details.

What kinds of content have a greater chance of receiving an Upfront Payment?
Please click here to see the section of our Submission Guidelines devoted to content submitted for Upfront Payment.

What are the rules of publishing with Yahoo Contributor Network?
We do not believe in suppressing the unique voices of our contributors. However, we reserve the right to reject or remove content that fails to comply with our Terms of Service or Submission Guidelines before or after publication. Additionally, content titles and article bodies may be edited to optimise the content for online publication.

What rights are granted to Yahoo with an Exclusive licence?
If you submit as Exclusive, you give Yahoo Contributor Network the Exclusive right to publish your original content. Exclusive is the best option to select during the submission process if you do not plan to publish the content elsewhere and want to maximise your potential for Upfront Payment and distribution. Exclusive licences are frequently used on the assignments offered by Yahoo Contributor Network.

Exclusive content...
  • cannot have been previously published
  • cannot be republished elsewhere by you, if the by-line matches your Yahoo Contributor Network pen name
  • cannot be removed from the Yahoo Network (or other sites where the content may have been distributed) by you
  • typically attracts higher Upfront Payments
  • is automatically eligible for Performance Payments
  • may be republished to any Yahoo sites that have Performance Payments enabled
  • is automatically eligible for distribution with Yahoo Contributor Network partners as well as Yahoo sites that do not have Performance Payments enabled
If you submit as Non-Exclusive, you give Yahoo Contributor Network limited rights to publish your original content. Non-Exclusive is the best option if you want to republish this content elsewhere, but still want it to have potential to earn Upfront Payments and distribution through Yahoo Contributor Network.

How do I resubmit my content for review?
To resubmit content that has been declined for edits, click on the "View Feedback" button on that submission (accessible from the Content page) and then click on the "Edit and Resubmit" button from the action panel that will display at the bottom. Click through each step in the submission template, including the "Submit" button on the preview page, to resubmit.

If an Upfront Payment offer was made, but you want to make changes and resubmit, you will need to first click on the "Accept/Decline Offer" button, then select the decline offer option in the action panel at the bottom and click the "Respond" button, before you can access your content to resubmit.

I don’t want to accept my Upfront Payment offer. What can I do?
You can choose to decline the Upfront Payment offer by clicking on the "Accept/Decline Offer" button on that submission (accessible from the Content page), selecting "Decline Offer" in the action panel near the bottom, and clicking the "Respond" button.

I have submitted content. How long will it take to be reviewed?
Each piece of content submitted for Upfront Payment is read and reviewed by a trained editor. Because our review process is dependent upon human editors rather than automated processes, the time between submission and publication varies depending on the number of submissions we receive.

What is the review process for content?
A trained editor will read and review content for subject matter, clarity and compliance with our Submission Guidelines. Depending on the quality of the topic and content, the editor may pay you the amount stated in the assignment details, decide to make an Upfront Payment offer based on the projected number of page views the piece will receive as well as the shelf life of the topic, decline the content for edits or decline it outright. Each piece is also scanned by specialised programs to detect plagiarism and copyright infringement.

How often are page views updated?
The page view data on your Account and Content pages is updated daily. Page view updates typically occur in the evening, reflecting page views during the previous two days. For example, an update on Wednesday evening will show page views for Yahoo sites that occurred on Monday.

Managing My Content

Why was the title of my content changed?
Titles may be changed by our trained editors to make content more discoverable via online search engines. The single most important component of making your content discoverable is writing direct, concise titles, including specific keywords that accurately describe your content.

Why was my content removed from the site?
Yahoo Contributor Network reserves the right to remove any content from a Yahoo Network website, either before or after publication, if it does not comply with our Submission Guidelines or Terms of Service. Common reasons for content removal include:
  • Inclusion of affiliate links.
  • Overtly promotional content or links.
  • Sexually explicit or inappropriate content.
  • Plagiarism or copyright infringement.
  • Images that do not follow our guidelines.
  • Poor quality (poor grammar, spelling or keyword overuse).
  • Formatting (content not broken into paragraphs; overuse of bullets, underlining, bold, italics; inclusion of by-line or title within the content).
  • Publishing feedback for Yahoo Contributor Network as content.

Why was an image I attached to my submission not published?
Blurry or irrelevant images (including author portraits) or images that are not from a Yahoo Contributor Network-approved source can be deleted without notification. Please read the Image Submission Guidelines for more information. Important: copyright infringement is grounds for deleting your content or terminating your account altogether. This includes the unauthorised use of photographs.

Can I edit or remove my content after it has been submitted or published?
If the status of your content is "submitted" you can edit it by clicking to the left of the title from the Content page. Make any changes and ensure that you click through all of the steps.

If we have sent you an offer, you will need to decline our offer in order to edit it. Click through all of the steps and your submission will be resubmitted for review.

Once your content is published, you can only edit if it was submitted as Display-Only. Contact us to request any changes to Exclusive or Non-Exclusive submissions.

You can remove content once it has been published if you submitted it as Display-Only. Simply click on the left of the title of the content on the Content page.

You cannot remove content that has been published as Exclusive or Non-Exclusive.

Can I edit or delete an uploaded image that is attached to a text submission?
If you are instructed to include an image in an assignment, before your content is published, you can delete, reorder or upload images attached to any text submission. From the Content page, click the edit icon to the left of your article. From there, scroll down to the bottom of the page to edit your image(s). Click the "x" in the upper left corner of the image to remove it from the submission. Click on the arrow(s) to change the order of your images. Click "Add Image" to upload another image. Once you are done, click "Save & Next" twice and "Submit Your Content Now" to save your edits.

To address any images attached to published content submitted for Exclusive rights, please contact us. Include the specific changes you are requesting and why. We will take your request into consideration, but we make changes to published work at our sole discretion.

Will my content show up on Yahoo properties in other countries?
Your UK content should only be published on UK Yahoo properties or in markets that you have agreed to. However, due to technical glitches, from time to time you may find your content on Yahoo properties in other countries. If you discover this, please notify us immediately, and we will work to remedy the situation. If your content does show up in other markets, unfortunately you will not be paid for the pageviews to your content in those markets.

Managing My Account

How do I update my profile?
To update your profile, click on the Edit Profile section of your Account page. From this page, you can change your pen name, contact email address, PayPal email address and all of the information that appears on your public profile.

Tip: By creating a professional profile, you can increase your chance of receiving special opportunities to create content for a variety of Yahoo websites and partner websites. This will also ensure that the opportunities you receive are as relevant as possible to your personal background.

I need to edit my real name, birth date or country of citizenship. How do I do this?
If an error was made entering any of these fields upon registration (or if your legal name has changed), please contact us to have them updated.

I don’t want my real name to be visible to the public. Can I hide my identity or use a pen name?
Yes, you can use a pen name of your own choice. Keep in mind that your pen name is subject to our Terms of Service, so please do not choose a name that you do not have the right to use or which is otherwise objectionable. Impersonating someone else or using an inappropriate name could result in the closure of your account.

To create a pen name, click on the Edit Profile section of your Account page. Your new pen name will replace your real name on all publicly viewable pages on the Yahoo network (the by-line of your published content, your profile page, and its URL). Your displayed name will be updated on your profile immediately, in URLs within 24 hours, and on all of your previously published content within two weeks.

I added a pen name. Why do I still see my real name in results from search engines like Yahoo and Google?
Search engines may retain cached versions of your content in their results. We cannot control what is displayed on websites outside of Yahoo Contributor Network - including Yahoo Search - but as soon as these search engines' crawlers revisit your content, the cached version will be replaced with a new version that includes your updated pen name. This usually happens within a few weeks. In general, it will happen sooner if you publish new content, because that may trigger search engine crawlers to revisit your refreshed profile and re-index all of your content.

I closed my Yahoo Contributor Network account, but my name and profile still come up in search results on sites like Yahoo and Google. Why?
Search engines may retain cached versions of your content and profile page in their results. We have no control over these websites, including Yahoo Search. You can try contacting the website directly to ask them to remove your content and profile from their results.

How can I select the email notifications I would like to receive or stop receiving from Yahoo Contributor Network?
To select the email alerts you would like to receive or to stop receiving emails from Yahoo Contributor Network altogether, visit the Email Preferences section of the Account page.

How Can I change my account to include a VAT number?
If you originally registered as non-VAT registered, and want to change your status to VAT registered and enter a VAT number, you must contact the help desk and ask them to change your account and provide a reason for the change. Once we have verified that you are VAT registered, will change your status and add the new VAT number.

Assignment Desk

What are assignments?
Assignments are (often paid) content ideas created by Yahoo Contributor Network to fill certain content needs. Everyday you will see new content assignments based on programming and site partner needs as well as online trends. In many cases, the subjects you see have been selected specifically with you in mind - your location, background and content history (among other factors).

Claim one or more assignments that interest you and showcase your knowledge, follow any instructions displayed in the assignment details and start writing! Once your content is submitted, it will be reviewed against the assignment requirements.

How do I claim and submit an assignment?
Think of the Assignment Desk as a catalogue for content creation. There are a limited number of items (assignments) that can be purchased (claimed). Once you have claimed a subject, it gets moved into a shopping basket (claimed list). By claiming an assignment, you commit to creating content on that given subject according to the advertised details and assignment due date. Some assignments can only be claimed by a small group (or even one contributor), so act fast and check the list of opportunities frequently!

I claimed an assignment and it is past due. What do I do?
If you cannot complete an assignment, click on the "Release" button from the assignments section of your Content page. Releasing assignments near their due date and/or failing to submit them may prevent you from claiming future assignments.

Why does my friend have different available subjects listed on her Assignment Desk and how can I receive more assignments?
While some assignments are available to all contributors, many are targeted to specific contributors or groups of contributors based on their submission history, quality, location, interests, etc. To increase the number of assignments you receive, ensure that you complete your profile, submit on the assignments you claim, and stay active on Yahoo Contributor Network! To maximise your opportunities of receiving exclusive, high-paying assignments, ensure that your profile includes:
  • A professional-looking profile image (nothing animated, no default images, or anything inappropriate; a headshot of you is best).
  • A professional pen name that is formatted like a real name (e.g., John Smith). Remember, your pen name is your Yahoo Contributor Network identity. It appears on your public profile, and serves as the byline on all the content you publish. In most cases, your pen name should match your real name. However, you are allowed to publish under a different name if that is your preference.
  • A biography containing your academic, professional, and/or hands-on experience that pertains most to your published content.

What does "Payment: By review" mean?
Assignments listed with a payment of "By review" will follow the standard review process. An Upfront Payment will be offered if your content is accepted. There is no guaranteed payment amount.

Why didn’t I receive the advertised payment for content I submitted in response to an assignment?
In order for any stated Upfront Payment to be honoured, all claimed assignments must be submitted by clicking on "Submit" to the right of the claimed assignment on the assignments section of your Content page or from the Assignment Desk section of the Account page. All assignment details must be followed and all content must be high quality to receive the advertised payment.

Community Resources

What is the best way to stay updated on news and developments at Yahoo Contributor Network?
Check out our official blog and click "Subscribe" to start receiving email alerts each time there is a new post. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to receive exclusive assignment opportunities and frequent updates.

How do I use the contributor Forum?
The contributor Forum is a place where you can connect with other contributors to find answers to your questions and share your experiences using our platform. Visit the Meet & greet section to introduce yourself to the community and staff. Before getting started, make sure to read our Forum Rules & Guidelines.

If you are a published contributor, check out the Writer's workshop section to get feedback on your content, or the How to promote your content section for tips on expanding the reach of your content.

Are there any resources to help me improve my content and earning potential?
Our Blog provides many great tutorials for succeeding on our platform. The US Yahoo Style Guide is brimming with great information about writing for the Web and optimising your content for online audiences. If you have specific questions, visit our Forum and chat with some of our experienced contributors and staff.

Copyright Infringement

What do I do if I find any of my content published outside of the Yahoo network and I suspect copyright infringement?
We recommend that you first contact the infringing website directly and instruct them to only use the first paragraph of your content and then link back to your original piece on Yahoo. If that does not work, or you do not want your content to appear on that site at all, you should feel free to send a cease and desist letter directly to the site that published your content. Our Master License Agreement is drafted so that you retain the copyright and therefore the right to enforce it against non-authorised users. You may do so only on your own behalf; do not represent in any way that you are acting on behalf of Yahoo or Yahoo Contributor Network.

Can I ask an infringing third party to pay me for using my content without permission?
Yes, but only if you have licensed this content to Yahoo Contributor Network under a Non-Exclusive licence and you do not breach the terms of the Terms of Service or other agreements in doing so.

Partnering with Yahoo Contributor Network

How do I advertise with Yahoo Contributor Network?
Content produced by Yahoo Contributor Network appears on Yahoo's broad portfolio of sites. Please visit our Advertising solutions page for more information.

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