Jack Oughton

Jack Oughton

Jack Oughton is a copywriter and journalist from Croydon, Surrey.

So far he has written for publications such as FHM, Empire, The Independent, Skiddle, The Guardian, Q, and many more.

Asides from an all consuming obsession for churning out articles, Jack is also a composer and digital artist. You may know of him as Koukouvaya.
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HND Astronomy and Space - Glamorgan University, NVQ Creative Media Production - Access To Music, Graduate - Catch 22 Journalism Academy, AVA NVQ Assessor Award - Mapalim




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  • Autumnal cooking ideas with celebrity chef David Kelman
    I got the chance to speak with celebrity chef, David Kelman, a guy who's cooked for the Queen and the Prince of Wales, amongst others. I wanted to know what Autumnal cooking was all about and how I could apply it to my simple cooking style.
  • Star Wars fans: A look inside the 501st Legion
    Albin tells us about some of the craziest costumes he's seen, how he raises money for charity, where to find the best armour, working directly with Mr. Lucas himself and even becoming an official part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe backstory...
  • Meet Gus Lopez: Star Wars collector extraordinaire
    Master collector Gus Lopez gives us some insights into the intense and dedicated world of the Star Wars collector culture. Star Wars cereal boxes, misprinted posters, ultra rare limited run toys, puke bags... if it's out there, Gus knows all about it...
  • Alan Dean Foster doesn't mind not getting credit for Star Wars original screenplay adaptation
    My interview with Alan Dean Foster on the halcyon days of Star Wars, why he doesn't mind not getting any credit for the original screenplay adaptation, life as a professional author, and why being a lawyer was no fun.
  • Getting laser eye surgery: Was it worth it?
    It's sure not cheap and it sounds pretty scary - but I'd say laser eye surgery was one of the best financial decisions I've ever made. Want an unbiased idea of what the whole thing's like and what to expect if you take the plunge? Read on...
  • Is it too hot? Nope, and here's why...
    Using a combination of temperature comparisons, hyperbole about venomous snakes and references to getting Seasonal Affective Disorder in Wales, I'm going to argue that the UK isn't actually too hot at all...
  • Experiencing the Croydon Tattoo Convention 2013
    The tattoo world descends upon Croydon. Fire breathing, spur of the moment skinwork, burlesque facial tattoos, 20-piece punk cover bands with ukeleles, collaborative speed art, stand-up comedy, magic and more besides...
  • George Oughton: The War Hero In My Family
    As an artillery gunner, my granddad George fought in WW2 all the way from 1940 to 1945 - seeing action at El Alamain, Monte Cassino and the campagn that spelled the end of Mussolini's Italy. I try to do him justice here…
  • Star Wars fan profile: Jimmy 'Mac' McInerney
    In our ongoing adventure into speaking with interesting Star Wars fans the world over, we talk to Jimmy 'Mac' McInerney from a fan's perspective on the Sequel Trilogy, Han shooting first and our hopes for franchise continuity, not a reboot!
  • The best thing I've ever bought: A 6-string bass guitar
    Ask almost any musician and they will say many sacrifices MUST be made in pursuit of the perfect musical instrument. I've bought many over my time, but none has served me quite so well as my Musicman bass. Value for money? Probably not. Satisfaction? Yes!
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  • Disney closes LucasArts: Now what?
    We say goodbye to LucasArts, a legendary games developer, and take a look at the Star Wars franchise 'under new management'. What's Disney's heavy handedness have in store for Star Wars? A few ideas to ponder...
  • How technology saves me money
    Some low and high tech ways to save money on your food, drink, entertainment budget, reading list, service charges, nutritional supplements and more.
  • Star Wars fan: Filmmaker Chris Macht and The Force Within Us
    An exploration into the trials and tribulations of filmmaking, The Hero's Journey, financing your production on credit and taking career advice from Mark Hamill...
  • Cool Star Wars finds: Rebelforce Radio
    A radio show dedicated entirely to Star Wars? You'd better believe it. We spoke to RebelForce radio producer/cohost Jimmy 'Mac' McInerney about schmoozing the stars, producing a radio show from scratch and covering the Galaxy Far Far Away...
  • Inside ‘Rancho Obi Wan’ – home of 300,000 Star Wars artefacts
    Star Wars mega fan Steve Sansweet goes into more detail about the backstory behind Rancho Obi Wan, and some of the strange things in his collection...
  • Cool finds: ASCIImation Star Wars takes nerd culture to new extremes
    Taking Star Wars commitment and hours spent to insane new heights, Simon Jansen's been animating the original films, scene by scene, using only his word processor. It's been 16 years so far. Seriously? Yup. Read on…
  • What prayer means to someone who believes in nothing
    As an agnostic the only thing I really have faith in is that I don't have any of the answers. Do I know if prayer works? No. But I pray all the same…
  • Star Wars fan profile: Steve Sansweet
    Yahoo speaks to the man Lucas dubbed "the ultimate fan" about taking Star Wars passion as far you can take it, and then some! We discuss where it all began, and what it's like to edit a 1.1 million word Star Wars encyclopedia...
  • Ways the original Star Wars films could have ended badly for the Good Guys
    Consistent Imperial incompetence, ridiculously flawed superweapon designs, 'the principle of evil marksmanship', improbably tough ewoks. All things that we might take for granted now, but when you consider it...
  • The biggest Budget 2013 Issue? Legalise it!
    Often a great way to start a shouting match is to bring up the 'legalise cannabis' issue. But in austere times, when we perhaps need raise funds more than ever, could legalisation be worth it? I believe so, and not just for financial reasons either...
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  • Using Twitter for research and breaking trends
    Visualising 'hyper-local' trends, deconstructing a hashtag campaign, building lists of the most useful information sources, all powerful tactics in the wise researcher's strategy. We show you all of these and more. Trendspotting will never be the same.
  • I saw a UFO
  • Han Solo's lessons in cool: BAMF ultimate cool guy and Kessel Run Champion
    We all admire Han Solo for his effortless style, mad skills and almost completely fearless approach. But what can we learn from his example? Here's a quick guide to obtaining that no sweat cool, Han style...
  • IG88B: No points for second place
    Designed for the sole purpose of extinguishing life, IG88B's mission was to literally kill all the non-droids in the Star Wars galaxy. He failed, but didn't do too badly as a freelance bounty hunter.
  • The joy of AT-AT: How to fix everybody's favourite walking armoured behemoth
    All Terrain Armoured Transport (AT-AT). Includes helpful design suggestions to Imperial Engineers looking to make a few minor design tweaks. What would you do with your own AT-AT...?
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  • How a book inspired me to live a happier and more peaceful life
    People have known the secrets to peace and happiness for millennia, but it seems we have relearn it with every new generation. One of our generation's easiest access to this comes through the simple teaching in Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power Of Now'.
  • I was there... in a very different Croydon to 2011
    My road celebrated the Diamond Jubilee with a huge street party that lasted an entire day and entertained over a hundred people. I'm no patriot but I had a lot of fun taking part in a national celebration, the likes of which I'd never seen before or since
  • How Chinese food and drink differs from region to region
    We take a quick journey through the 4 great schools of Chinese food and what each has to offer you. From the Cantonese, who'll eat anything with (or without) legs, to the Sichuanese and their many fiery dishes, China has something for everyone...
  • Chinese food in the UK vs. Chinese food in China
    Chinese cuisine is divided into four 'schools' of cooking. Apparently, in the UK, you can only really get one. How and where do you get an authentic Chinese meal in the UK? Three culinary experts weigh in.
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  • The five best apps to find love on Facebook
    They say 'Love will find a way', but sometimes it needs some help. We summarise and compare 5 dating applications for Facebook, giving you some direction as you navigate these (sometimes) tumultuous waters of online dating...
  • How to guide to Triggertrap Mobile and timelapse photography
    Photographers take heed: timelapse photography just got easier AND more exciting. Triggertrap Mobile is an ingenuitive app which allows you to trigger your SLR camera a bunch of different ways, for all sorts of wild and wonderful timelapse sets...
  • A guide to Japanese food and drink
    When people think of Japanese cuisine, they often think sushi and green tea. But there's so much more to it than that! For example, have you tried Fugu (one of the most dangerous dishes in the world)? We dig deeper and ask three Japanese food experts.
  • How to guide: Low light smartphone street photography
    Wandering the streets with your cameraphone late at night might seem a little unusual. And maybe it is. But it's also a truly exciting way to capture what's happening in your neighbourhood. True, it's not as easy as it looks, but we've got some tips...
  • 5 free alternatives for Photoshop for Mac
    Photoshop is recognised as the best of the best for image editing, yet the program's steep cost prevents many from buying it. But, cost conscious Mac users are actually spoilt for choice. As proof, here are 5 completely free, capable alternatives...
  • 5 free alternatives for Photoshop for PC
    People who work with images love Adobe Photoshop's fantastic features and intuitive interface. But they don't love the price. Luckily, there's numerous PC programs that come close to Photoshop in what you can do with each. And none of them cost a penny!
  • Five strategy games for history geeks
    Most computer games trade off historical accuracy for the sake of making more sales. But not these games, oh no. Here's 5 games that only the most hardcore gamers and strategy obsessives enjoy. Are you amongst them?
  • How to guide for iPhone macro photography
    If you've ever taken an interest in the closeup details of the world that surrounds you, or the many tiny things that you can barely see, macrophotography gives you the chance to explore more. And you can do this with just your iPhone, here's how...
  • iPhone Eye Scope: A how to guide
    The iPhone Eye Scope promises to turn your iPhone into something more capable, adding an 8x zoom lens with a stabilising tripod. And at around £20 it's pretty cheap as well. We test it and see if it's as good as we'd hope...
  • What men think: Mega Barbarella hair
    Mega Barbarella hair is a modern take on a 60s, film-inspired classic style. Popular right now, it's been sported by the likes of Cheryl Cole and Lana Del Ray. We ask for a male second opinion from three male beauty experts...
  • Fans visiting London 2012 from afar
    The cream of the world's athletic community also brings with it travellers from the world over. All are here to share in the spectacle and unfolding drama of the games. We spoke to five such visitors about why they're coming to the Olympics this year...
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  • On the train from London Bridge with a Team GB athlete
    I watch the 'celebrity effect' firsthand on a torrid afternoon at London Bridge station, as commuters realise that we have an Olympian in our midst. But who is the Big Guy and where's he going?
  • Civilization V - Gods and Kings personal review
    A die hard Civilization fan tries out Civ V's recently released expansion, Gods and Kings. The verdict? Good! Read on to find out makes this game worth sinking your life into...
  • What's your favourite Olympic event?
    Five sports mad Londoners from very different backgrounds and boroughs tell us about what they'll do now they've got the Olympics at their doorstep.
  • My life was changed by an Olympic moment
    Has watching the world's best athletes compete ever inspired you to better yourself? It did for these 5 guys. We interview a very different group of people about how a single Olympic moment inspired them to do something very different...
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  • Will Olympic transport changes affect you?
    It's a time of growing excitement and international attention in the capital. But it's also a time of missed trains, VIP lanes and crowded streets. 5 crafty Londoners tell us how they'll cope with the transport changes once the Olympics is in full swing.
  • Twitter management: HootSuite vs TweetDeck vs Seesmic
    Managing your online presence can be made much easier with a third party social media app - but which is the best choice? We've narrowed it down to three and compared each of them. Our verdict? Hootsuite. For now...
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  • British Biscuit Festival 2012 - Child and biscuit friendly event
    Did you catch the Biscuit Festival in Bloomsbury over the Jubilee weekend? This year it played host to a whole load of eccentric, biscuity challenges, hours of live music and dancing, stuff to eat aplenty and more besides...
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  • Top 5 utility applications for Facebook
    With Facebook, there's an app for almost anything you can think of. Amongst all this choice though, which are actually useful? We've picked 5 of the one's that have been the most use to us...
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  • How to use Twitter for business and networking
    Not only a place for entertainment, Twitter is full of potential for the company or ambitious individual looking to build their business and exposure online. Here's some ideas how...
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  • Facebook Timeline change: 5 things you need to know
    Facebook timeline has replaced the old wall, and brought with it a whole set of new features. Here's five changes that Timeline introduces, and how they could affect you.
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  • The sweet potato in a nutshell
    Sick of spuds? Meet the marvellous sweet potato. Read on for some expert tips on cooking, trivia, growing and culture. But will people be convinced?
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  • A Burlesque beginner's guide to style
    Burlesque is a sexy, yet often misunderstood style of performance. We examine its anarchic history and speak to two burlesque performers about what the dance and fashion is all about, and how you can get started.
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  • Bitchiest celebrity quotes
    A celeb filled selection of some of the finest arguments and strongest words exchanged between the rich and famous. Turns out they argue just like the rest of us...
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  • Pinterest guide for men
    If you've been on the internet lately, you've probably heard of the buzz around social photo sharing website, Pinterest. But what's all the noise about?
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  • How to find useful templates for Excel and Word
    Save yourself a whole load of time and energy by finding out what Word and Excel templates can do for you, and how to find them freely and quickly.
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  • Photojournalism: The power to change the world with your camera
    A brief overview of what photojournalism is and how to carry out some of your own. It's a lot easier to get started than you probably think.
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  • Gadgets that give you the X Factor
    A quick guide to some apps, sites and software that'll help you improve your skills as a singer, produce your music and gain exposure for your sounds.
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  • Best business networking apps for iPhone / Android
    A short list of some of the best iPhone apps for business networking online. The list covers contact management, social media clients and post scheduling.
  • Ultimate fast full-body workout
    A full body workout for people who don't want to spend hours, sign up to a gym, or buy tons of flashy exercise equipment...
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  • Alternative Fashion Week at Spitalfields
    A review of what happened on Thursday in Spitalfields Traders market for Alternative Fashion Week. The verdict? Quite impressive...
  • Ketogenic diet worked for me
    Some people will tell you that too much dietary fat is bad for you. I spent a month living mainly on butter, coconut oil, oily fish and the odd leafy vegetable, just to see what would happen. Contrary to popular belief I didn't have a heart seizure...
  • The latest fitness crazes
    I asked a fitness expert, Mark Shields, to give us an overview of the recent fitness crazes and if they're worth your time or not. Zumba, the Paleo diet, Crossfit, TRX, group coaching. Should you try them? Read on...
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  • The one minute workout: Is it as good as it sounds?
    Can you really achieve better fitness results in 3 minutes a week than you can doing 30 minutes of cardio a day? We asked two personal trainers. They said yes! Read on to find out how...
  • How to make a better tweet
    Getting what you want out of Twitter isn't particularly hard, you just need to know what works. Here we give you a useful list of a few simple, yet powerful things that you can add to your tweets and 'tweet better'. Read on!
  • A beginner's guide to Twitter culture, etiquette and language
    A brief overview of the unique culture, etiquette and language of the world's largest microblogging website. What can you do with Twitter anyway? Read on...
  • Forgotten vegetable - the parsnip
    An article on the sadly neglected and often forgotten parsnip. Versatile, delicious and healthy, we go a little into the history of this remarkable root vegetable and also share some trivia, buying and cooking tips.
  • How to get started in Photoshop
    A quick guide to some entry level, but very useful photo editing techniques.
  • Virtual office: work from anywhere using these online services
    A guide to various free and cheap online services, all of which can dramatically improve your productivity and benefit your virtual office.
  • What lens should you get for your SLR camera?
    The advantage of the SLR camera is that it can use a number of different lenses. Here we look at what lenses are on offer and what are their advantages.
  • Top 5 slackers on film
    An exploration of five of the coolest and best known slackers on the big screen.
  • Was The Civil Wars' Barton Hollow worth two Grammy Awards?
    Review of indie folk/folk rockers The Civil Wars' debut full length album, which won them two Grammy Awards. Is it any good? We think so.

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