Lesley S Smith

Lesley S Smith

Having spent several years developing policies and procedures, and writing for business, I began writing for myself while at home with my adopted children in 2009. Unable to work full time in a nine to five job, I found a strong wish to share thoughts and goals with others, and to be able to help those who are not in a position to help themselves.

I spent ten years establishing and moderating a self help group for women with endometriosis when there was nothing available in the UK online. When the UK National Endometriosis Society set up forums for women to talk to each other, my role drew to a natural conclusion in 2009 as the larger group became more established.

I began to blog in earnest early in 2010, which led me to set up the Scottish Mum Blog in October 2010. The Scottish Mum Blog covers adoption, disability, autism, social media, family life, and topical news items. I founded Madly Social at the end of 2011 and have dedicated it to writing about social media, blogging and copy writing.

I have written articles for publication on the Scottish Mum Blog, and generated content for my blog with representatives of large brands who work with mummy bloggers.

Before blogging, my life consisted of Human Resource Management and Recruitment Consulting. I live in Aberdeen, Scotland
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