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Sue Jones

I am married and a mum with a nearly twelve year old son. I work as an Exams Officer in a local secondary school – until recently I was editor of a women s lifestyle website which I started with a friend and had some great fun including having a book published. I have written a book which I published to Kindle... and at least one person bought it, woo-hoooo! I love Abba and anything
eighties, pink sparkly with the girls, red wine with nice food
and chilling out in Wales. I am rubbish with make-up, have no
idea about fashion, have never been able to blow-dry my hair
and am always on a diet.
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Did O levels, then AAT and then stopped!


Treat other people as you would like to be treated yourself



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  • I was there... at a very special Diamond Jubilee street party
    A gazebo, some Jubilee themed dishes and some neighbours.
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  • From my couch to a 5k run
    I dont like sports - not even to watch. I may be the only person in the country who didn't catch Olympic fever. But this summer I took up a new sport - running - and now I wouldn't be without it.
  • Help! My child is leaving primary school
    The transition to secondary school is always a worry - and your child leaving primary school can be an emotional time. However, it may not be as bad as you expect - I went through it last year, and have survived to tell the tale.
  • Working Mum Guilt
    No matter how hard you work, what time you stay up to and however much you run round for your children, you always feel guilty. Whether it be missing the sports day, or a crying baby - something will always happen - question is - how do you cope?
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  • I knew I was pregnant before the pregnancy test
    Seeing the blue line on a pregnancy test is a day I will never forget. But I already knew that it would happen. I knew that I was pregnant well before I did the test
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  • Prepare your child for their first day of school
    Can you remember your first day at school? The excitement, the newness and the scariness of a whole new place and lots of new children? My short guide gives tips on how to make things easier for your child.
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  • How we budgeted for a baby on £35,000
    Having a baby can be a very expensive time - lots of equipment to buy and maternity leave to consider. It is very important not to overspend - so how do you budget?
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  • Pregnant at 40 and how I coped
    I would have liked to be pregnant long before I was 40, but was glad when it happened. However, I am not scared to admit that I found the whole experience tiring, daunting and more emotive than the much younger mums-to-be I found myself surrounded by.
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  • Memories of the royals and my family through the years
    There are a lot of exciting things happening in Britain this year, not least the Diamond Jubilee. How many people will be celebrating I wonder? When I was a young girl, the Royal Family was loved and admired; but is it still?
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  • Would you discipline another person's child?
    We all encourage our children to have friends round to play, but what happens when they overstep the mark? Do you discipline them? Or should you leave this to the parent? For me it's the latter- have a read and see if you agree.
  • Top 5 stresses on my wedding day
    Wedding days can be really stressful. I loved mine, but it wasn't without incident.
  • Why it's good for children to blog
    My son, like lots of kids these days, loves technology. So when he asked if he could write a blog, I thought I'd give it a go
  • My perfect first date
    What are the ingredients of a perfect first date? I know what mine are - a beautiful setting, a beautiful man and a bit of over the top romance.
  • One girl's guide to grey hair and DIY colouring
    If I win the lottery, then I will have salon perfect hair; cut, colour and finish at all times. Until then, I have to make do with colour out of a box - so here is my guide to colouring your hair effectively.
  • Why children at weddings should be avoided
    I love children - but I hate them at weddings. To me, a wedding is a day for the adults to enjoy without the added pressure of entertaining the kids. Invite the close relatives of course, but make sure they get taken away before the party starts!
  • 5 things my husband and I argue about
    Not life threatening, not major trauma or betrayal - but five small things that cause arguments in our house - and when you read them - you will see just how easily they could be avoided!
  • My guide to the yo-yo diet
    For every successful Slimming Club member around the country, there must be five others like me - who live their life like a yo you - dieting - losing half a stone, eating normally, putting it back on again.
  • How to create the perfect wedding guest list
    Your wedding is the most important day of your life - so dont let the guest list stress you out. Follow my tips for the perfect wedding.
  • Disappointed with the gender of your baby?
    Every woman longs for a daughter, doesn't she? So what happens when "It's a Boy!"
  • My top disastrous dates
    I never had much luck with boys - or men - for that matter. My life has been a string of disastrous dates. Here are my most memorable. Luckily I can now look back and laugh!
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  • Cooking and bonding with children
    Cooking with children is more than putting food on the table - it is a time for bonding, chatting and enjoying uninterrupted time together...a lovely experience
  • 10 relatively cheap things to do at Easter
    School holidays should be a time of fun and frolics - not Mums and Dads dropping children off at club after club - read my list of ideas to take the holidays back to basics

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