Christopher Morris

I am an experienced and published writer, both in book and article form. I am extremely fluent, and enthusiastic about my writing. I have had over 1,000 articles published professionally on numerous subjects, with sport, technology, economics and politics being specialist areas. However, given the level of research I have already undertaken, I am more than capable of producing professional work on almost any subject.

I have also just signed a contract with a publisher for the publication of my first non-fiction manuscript, on the subject of socio-economics and politics. This text is over 320,000 words and contains over 3,500 references in footnotes. I am currently working on my second book, for which I have already received interest from publishers.

I am an extremely diligent and very hard working person, and I am also passionate about the written word. I would be eminently capable of turning my hand to any kind of article or blog, whatever tone or type of language was required, and I am intimately familiar with both UK and American English.
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